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Why should you choose BT Total Broadband?


1. Speed. BT have been named the best performing ADSL provider in 2007 and 2008*. When it comes to broadband, speed is paramount. And speed is exactly what you get with BT Total Broadband. In fact you get up to 8Mb download speeds (dependent on line and location).


2. BT Vision. With the optional BT Vision you get Freeview and Digital TV on demand - no need for a satellite dish, drilling or any rewiring. Simply plug in your BT Vision V-box when it arrives and follow the instructions on your TV. You only pay for the shows you want to watch, and you can pause, rewind and record up to 80 hours of TV.


3. Support, support, support. With BT Total Broadband, you get 24/7 customer support at no extra cost from UK landlines.


4. Online storage for your photos, files and more. You get 5GB of online storage with BT Digital Vault at no extra cost. Of course there are options to upgrade to more space if required.


5. Email accounts. You get UNLIMITED webmail storage so you will never run out of space for your emails.


6. Wireless surfing. BT has partnered with FON to provide secure access to hundreds of thousands of Wi-Fi connections all over the world. So when you are out and about, you can surf the web from your laptop.


There are plans to suit your budget, but all plans include a FREE Wireless BT Home Hub, so you can surf the web wirelessly at home, from your laptop, iphone or other digital device.


*Epitiro study of major UK ISPs from Jan '06 to Jan '08.

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