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Super-Fast Surfing
Verizon High Speed Internet fires up your existing phone line and turns it into a super-fast Internet connection. Leave the dial-up barrier behind and fly at high speed.

Surf & Talk at the Same Time
Verizon High Speed Internet does both on the same line. Browse the Internet while talking on the phone. Only dial-up users worry about busy signals.

No More Dial-Up Dial In Delay
Verizon High Speed Internet puts you first in line. No need to take a number - you're already connected.

Dedicated & Devoted
Verizon High Speed Internet is a direct line between you and Verizon's central office.

Fully Loaded
Verizon High Speed Internet gives you everything you need for your online experience. It's so much more than speed.

24/7 Live Technical Support
At Verizon, they are always available to help you.

The Best Value in Broadband
Verizon High Speed Internet is fast, reliable and starts as low as $19.99 a month.

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